We believe that mission work begins in our very own local community.  This means that our homes, our workplaces, the places we shop, the parks we play at- wherever we go, we are to be doing the work of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We encourage our members to live on mission in their daily lives.  Sometimes living on mission in Southeast Iowa and the surrounding areas does mean that as a church we will participate in organized mission efforts.  Our hope is that we will be a church that helps to create other healthy, sustainable churches so that the gospel would thrive in our area and beyond.  We are a member of the Baptist Convention of Iowa which supports mission efforts in our state.  To learn more about them, please clink on the link on the picture to the left.

If you want to know more about the specific ministries the BCI supports or you want to make a donation directly to the BCI, please follow this link: https://bciowa.org/iowaministryfund/


Jesus has called people of every tribe, tongue, and language to worship God by glorifying and enjoying Him forever.  As such, we believe it is our privilege and duty to ensure that the gospel spreads even to the ears of those who have heard the name of Jesus before.  We support the International Mission Board through prayer, financial contributions, and in whatever other ways we can.  It is our hope and prayer that God would even call believers from Burlington to get equipped and take the gospel to language, people, and cultures with which they are unfamiliar.  To learn more about the IMB please click on the picture to the left.