I'm New...

Church can be an intimidating (if not sometimes weird) place to visit- especially if you don't know what to expect!  We're here to help with questions you may have before your first visit.

Where do I go when I get to the building?

When you arrive on the church property via Hagemann Avenue you'll see our driveway entrance beside our church sign.  After this you will notice parking conveniently located along two sides of our building.  The Sanctuary (where our Services occur) is located on the South side of the building, while the Children's Ministry is located on the North side of the building.  We have greeters at both of our entrances to assist you- so don't worry about trying to remember everything!

What should I wear?

We don't have a dress code! Our folks wear everything from shorts and flip flops and jeans to polo shirts, dresses, suits and ties- you'll find a full gambit of dress attire here sometimes!  Even our pastors wear different things from week to week. Come just as you are!

What's the Sunday Morning Worship Service like?

We start most services singing with our band through a combination of modern songs and classical hymns.  After this is the preaching of God's Word- usually taught by one of our pastors.  Though we do occasionally address different topics/themes and how scripture deals with them, our intake of the Word of God typically involves a steady diet of teaching through books of the Bible one at a  time, chapter by chapter, verse by verse.  We preach out of the Old and New Testaments.  You will hear a number of prayers, time for offering/tithes to be given, and the reading of God's Word during our services.  At least once a month we celebrate the Lord's Supper/Communion together, and sometimes people might even get baptized (we even do baptisms at the local hospital and outdoors at lakes in our area from time to time)!  Our services are centered on the rhythms of repentance and the joys of grace we find in the gospel.  Everyone is welcome!

What if I or those under my care have unique needs?

Our goal as a church is to be accommodating to people whatever their situation in life.  We offer handicapped parking spaces and encourage families of those with special needs to park as close to the door as possible.  All of our facilities are on one level. We have hearing aids available during the service.  For those with sensitivity to audio levels we have an "Overflow" room at the back of the sanctuary which might assist with your needs. 

If new environments and situations tend to induce anxiety for you, you may fill out a contact form and we would be glad to give you a tour of our facilities on a "non-Sunday" day so you may acclimate yourself to our environment without the pressure of having public responses demanded of you.

We believe that not only are people with unique needs important, but they are also vital to the church.  This is why we encourage those with unique needs to not only be members of the church, but to serve in whatever capacity they can!

Please let us know your needs so we can help you!

I'm not a Christian.  Am I welcome?

Of course- we want you to believe in the gospel!  We welcome people of differing belief systems to participate in our gatherings.  Regardless of wherever you are in the journey of life, you are welcome to visit with us here without feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or judged.  We hope you come, feel welcome, sense God at work in our midst, and come back again and again!

What else goes on during the week?

Check our weekly schedule as well as our "Ministries" and "Events" pages to see all other happenings at Burlington Baptist Church!

What about Membership?

We believe that membership in the local church and holding each other to live out our church covenant is very important.  We offer sessions teaching on what membership in our church entails, along with more details about our doctrine and philosophy of ministry every 3-4 months or so as needed.  If you would like to know more about what membership in our local church entails, please attend one of these meetings!  You are also welcome to contact either of our pastors for more information. 

Please note that we are currently in the process of updating our constitution and church covenant documents.