No matter your stage or season of life, there is somewhere for you to get plugged in at Burlington Baptist.  We believe that the church is the people of God, and this means that while we do some ministry at our building and grounds, we also do ministry everywhere we go!  The activities of our church are not confined to our brick and mortar building.  Some of our regular activities occur on the church's property, and some things happen in people's homes and everywhere throughout the Greater Burlington Area.  Check out some (but not all) of our church's ministries below.  You are welcome here!

  • children

    In keeping with our mission to make disciples, the heart of our children's ministry is to teach kids about who God is and how His Word applies to their daily lives.

    Through engaging teaching, creative activities, safe supportive environments, and groups of differing sizes, we guide kids towards a better understanding of what the Bible teaches and what it means to love and enjoy God.  We want kids to know that the Bible is full of important truths, stories, and principles that are valuable, useful, and relevant in their lives today.  Our kids know that worshipping God should be fun!  Sometimes this even includes silliness and dancing and being loud!  Games and music are definitely allowed.

    Knowing God, obeying and enjoying Him is of ultimate importance to us!  Our philosophy of children's ministry is guided by Deuteronomy 6:5-9.  The church is responsible to nurture children in God's truth, and it is vital for children to be taught the Word of God from a young age (2 Timothy 3:15).  However, we also exist to equip parents and guardians for disciple-making too! We here to help parents also learn how to disciple their children everywhere they go.  Whether you're at your home, sitting in a drive-thru, or playing in a sports game, we want to equip you to teach your children how to practically live a "God-centered" life everywhere you go together.

    Sunday Mornings

    The church nursery is for those infants to five years of age.

    There is a bathroom-equipped Cry Room with a Portable Crib attached to the back of the worship service room for those who wish to watch and listen to the sermon with a layer of privacy.

    Wednesday Nights

    During the school year (from September-May) we offer "Dig In" for kids K- 5th grade from 6:30-7:30 PM.  Parents/Guardians can register their child on the 1st night they attend.  

  • Youth

    We believe that students are an amazing gift to the church!  They're intelligent.  They're funny.  They're creative and bold.  They ask hard questions about God and the Bible.  And we truly believe our students are future world changers.  

    The years as a student are truly formative ones, and we believe it is our responsibility to guide students into a deeper understanding of what faith in God is and how it should transform every facet of their daily lives.  As students journeying on trying to discern your role in the story of what God is doing in your life, we invite you to join what God is doing at Burlington Baptist!  

    Youth Group meets from 6:30-7:30 on Wednesday's during Sept-May.

    Retreats & Camp

    Retreats and camps provide youth an opportunity to grow closer to God, bond together, and sometimes serve others in a fun and encouraging environment. 

  • Adults

    Don't worry...not all the good stuff at our church is just for those of us who are still in grade school!

    We have plenty of Bible studies, engaging events, gatherings, and service opportunities designed to build the faith and community of adults.  Whatever your age, education level, economic status or skin color- whether you're a Christian or not, single or married, man or a woman- we've got a place for you!

  • men

    Men should be humble servant-leaders who model godliness before their families, the church, and the world.  We want to provide opportunities for our men to encourage one another in the faith and be equipped and refreshed for the unique challenges they face as single and married men in the world.  

    Men's Prayer Breakfast

    Join us for a good time of sharing good food and good fellowship together.  There's time for prayer and a brief lesson as well.  Males of all ages from 6th grade and up are all invited.  These events usually occur Quarterly.  For more information see our "Events" section.

  • women

    Our Women's Ministry seeks to make disciples by encouraging women with a sense of belonging to God and each other.  By equipping women to bless others with the truth, grace, and love of Jesus Christ, our women become enabled to impact the world with the gospel everywhere they go.  From retreats to flower planting parties, our women love to participate in community and making an impact in our neighborhoods!

    Coffee Clubs

    For information on Women's Bible studies and prayer, please contact the church.

  • community

    Though there are more things that happen outside the church building than can be listed, here's a few of the activities we formally conduct as a church on a regular basis.

    Jerry's Bike Ministry

    Started by blind bike enthusiast Jerry Jackson, this group consists of devoted volunteers who meet on a weekly basis to collect and refurbish used bicycles.  These bicycles are then donated to those in our community who are in need.  Over 100+ bikes have been donated to children and adults in our area.  If you would like to donate a bike, know someone who needs a bike, or would like to volunteer, please contact us!