Beginning on Sunday October 31st, 2021 we will re-implement the following protocols for our Sunday morning worship services:

8:30 AM Service- Masks will be REQUIRED

10:30 AM Service- Masks will be RECOMMENDED but are optional

Beginning on Sunday August 22, 2021 we will be having our service outdoors that will begin at 10:00 AM.

Beginning on Sunday July 4, 2021 we will be returning to one service that will begin at 10:00 AM.

Beginning on Sunday February 28, 2021 we will re-implement the following protocols for our Sunday morning worship services:

8:30 AM Service- Masks will be REQUIRED

10:30 AM Service- Masks will be RECOMMENDED but are optional

For any questions please contact us for more information.

january 2021 update

In view of our Sunday Service protocols (which continue to be updated at each monthly Business Meeting), the following are weekly schedule additions:

Sunday Evening Prayer Meeting 6:00 PM (worship auditorium)

Sunday Morning Women's Bible Study (Meeting 9:30 AM-10:20 AM in Fellowship Hall)

December 2020 update

Greetings all,

During last evening's Business Meeting (on Sunday December 6, 2020) the congregation voted to continue with a MANDATORY mask mandate and proper safety protocols at the present time for all who attend church functions including both worship services (8:30 & 10:30 AM) and any other church functions. Please wear a mask at all times during our church gatherings. We will continue to assess our policies in an ongoing fashion at future Business Meetings (the next scheduled meeting is January 17 @ 5:00 PM, Lord willing).  

Grace & Peace

Burlington Baptist Church

November 2020 Update

Dear Burlington Baptist Church family,

In accordance with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds' Public Health Proclamation released on November 11, 2020 ( ), Burlington Baptist Church will REQUIRE the following public health measures at all church-sanctioned activities until further notice:

-Masks will be MANDATORY for all individuals aged 2 or older at all Burlington Baptist Church services, meetings, and other various gatherings. We would ask you to bring your own masks. Masks will also be readily available for distribution at church services for those who need one. Individuals unwilling to wear masks at church-sanctioned events will be asked to abstain from gatherings.

-Social Distancing of at least 6 feet will be enforced and maintained.

-All other increased hygiene practices will continue to be observed.

Any additional questions may be submitted to the pastors and deacons.

Let us consider the bountiful blessings we have in Christ and give thanks to God for His abundant kindness to us.

Grace & Peace,

Burlington Baptist Church

Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Church Gathering plans (October 2020)

Church Family,


The following is an important update on our church gatherings. 


At a Business Meeting on Sunday October 4, 2020, Burlington Baptist Church discussed and voted on a TEMPORARY schedule change where we will implement TWO INDOOR church worship services on Sunday mornings beginning on Sunday October 18, 2020.  


The last OUTDOOR service for Burlington Baptist Church will occur at 10:15 AM on Sunday, October 11, 2020.  


The nature of this plan is such that it is temporary and may be adjusted based on needs related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The Temporary "Two Worship Service" gathering plan will be reevaluated at each monthly Business Meeting moving forward.


Here are the major things to know about each separate service:


1) 8:30 AM Worship Service- MASKS REQUIRED.  All participants are required to wear masks to participate in this service.  Music specifics are TBD and will not feature the band.


2) 10:30 AM Worship Service- MASKS RECOMMENDED.  We encourage mask wearing and best practices but will not enforce mask wearing as a requirement to participate in this service.  The band will lead music during this service following the typical format of 3 songs we have been using during our outdoor services.


We will continue to record the audio & video of sermons and post them online on our website and YouTube channel for those who are unable to attend either service.


Here are things you can expect in both services:


-Coat Racks will not be available during this time. Please keep your coats and other personal items with you in your seating area.


-The water fountains & kitchen will remain closed and unavailable for use.


-We will continue to offer online giving.  You may also donate via check by mail.  Finally, you may place checks and/or cash into the offering box located in the sanctuary.


-Lord's Supper celebrations will continue to use pre-packaged juice and bread contents.  We will notify you in advance so you can bring your own elements for whatever reasons.


-Future childcare and children's ministry will be discussed at the Business Meeting in November. At this time there will be no childcare offered during services.  Families are encouraged to bring their children with them to the services.


-To reduce potential virus transmission and spread, we will use the plastic white chairs in place of our typical cushion seating in the sanctuary.  Chairs will be properly cleaned between the 1st and 2nd services.  Chair arrangement will be spread out to encourage social distancing.


-Whoever is preaching that day will (Lord willing) plan on preaching the same sermon in both services


Please remember the temporary nature of this schedule change, church family. May God hasten our ability to gather as one body indoors in normal circumstances. May God grant us perseverance and zeal to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4) and wisdom from above (James 1) as we move forward.  We make it our aim to please Him (2 Corinthians 5).


Please contact one of our pastors if you have any further questions. We love you!


Grace & Peace,


Burlington Baptist Church

Outdoor Service guidelines

Greetings Church Family!

We are looking forward to regathering together during our Outdoor Worship Service starting this Sunday May 31st from 10:15-11:15 AM!  

In case you missed this announcement from earlier this month, please see our “COVID-19 Updates” section of our website for more information on what led us to this decision.  You can also see two videos we created on the topic for the Burlington Baptist Church YouTube channel.

This will be a new process for everyone, so we ask you to patiently and kindly bear with everything as we strive to make this as smooth a process as is possible.  In order to help facilitate this, we encourage you to read through this list of ways you can prepare and what you can expect heading into our weekly gatherings beginning on May 31, 2020.

We would remind you very plainly: If your conscious before God dictates that you do not wish to incur the risk of receiving or spreading the COVID-19 virus, we ask that you consider abstaining from our outdoor gathering at this time.  We will record our sermon audio and post it sometime after the service on our church website (just as we normally did before the 2020 pandemic).  We will not be offering a Live Stream of the worship service.  No individual should be shamed or considered inferior for the decision to abstain from our outdoor gatherings due to health concerns at this time.


  • If you feel sick for any reason or have had known recent exposure to others with COVID-19 infection, you should not attend services for at least two weeks after symptoms resolve or the date of the exposure.  

  • If there are foul weather conditions, make sure to check our email or text updates to see if services are cancelled.  We will also post cancellations on the church website.

  • Everyone attending services outside of their vehicles will be encouraged (though not mandatorily required) to wear their own masks or face coverings in compliance with CDC recommendations. You may also consider bringing gloves and hand sanitizer.

  • If you plan on sitting outdoors in the parking lot/grass area, we encourage you to consider bringing the following:

    • sunscreen lotion

    • bug spray

    • a large umbrella (to protect from the sun/in case of sudden rain)

    • a quiet personal fan (please do not use loud fans that would distract others from worship)

    • cool water

    • a lounge chair and/or a blanket to sit on

    • A screen device that you can use to read the lyrics of the songs

  • We encourage you to use the restroom as close to your departure for 1225 Hagemann Avenue as is possible. At this time we have determined it is best to keep the church building closed during our service.  Our restrooms will remain unavailable.

  • We plan on emailing the lyrics of the songs we will sing on any individual Sunday by the Friday preceding that week’s service.  We encourage you to download the lyrics to a screen device (or print them off) in advance in case there is bad internet or cellular device connections at the church property. We will not be handing out any bulletins or lyrics on sheets of paper. We will also not have projector screens during our outdoor gatherings.  If you would like to be added to our email update list, please email this address:


  • Greeters will safely guide you to a proper parking spot:

    • Those who desire to sit outside on the west side of the parking lot near the picnic pavilion will park closest to the entrance drive from Hagemann Avenue. After this you can leave your vehicle and pick you out a space in the appropriate sitting area.  Sitting spaces will be separated “every other parking lot space” in order to help ensure safe social distancing practices.

    • Those who desire to remain in their vehicles will be guided to a parking spot closer to the picnic pavilion area. Lord willing, the service will be available to listen to on 106.9 FM from in the parking lot area.

  • On Sundays in which we participate in the Lord’s Supper/Communion, greeters will hand out pre-packaged packets with bread and juice on a tray to each vehicle according to the number of individuals that wish to participate.


  • It must be stressed that individuals who attend will be expected to conduct themselves and their children in a manner that complies with social distancing guidelines encouraged by the CDC and other public health authorities.

  • A speaker system will project the service across the parking lot and grass area near the picnic pavilion.  The service will also (Lord willing) be accessible via 106.9 FM.

  • The service will strictly begin at 10:15 AM and end no later than 11:15 AM.


  • Individuals may fellowship but are encouraged to practice safe social distancing.  Please be considerate of others and exit to your vehicles in a careful fashion.

  • Offering/donations of cash or checks may be placed in an envelope and dropped in an offering box that will be placed near the Garage from before to shortly after the service.  You may continue to donate online or by mailing checks directly to the church property.  

  • You are also encouraged to join our virtual gatherings throughout the week! Please contact us if you want more information about these gatherings.  At this time we are offering:

    • Guys Prayer at 7 PM on Sundays

    • Ladies Prayer at 8 PM on Sunday

    • Bible Study through John’s Gospel on Tuesdays at 7 PM

    • Youth Group on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or prayer needs. We are praying for you!

Grace & Peace,

Burlington Baptist Church

Update may 17, 2020

Burlington Baptist Church’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response

May 17, 2020

From the Pastors and Deacons of Burlington Baptist Church:

Church Family,

As we are sure you are aware, in submission to the government authorities (Romans 13) and in a desire to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves,” we have cancelled all in-person gatherings and activities of our church since our last special gathering on March 15, 2020. In short, we have strived to do what is both legal and loving in our southeast Iowa context.  All of our sermons, Bible studies, prayer groups, fellowships, and teaching have moved to an online format using various internet platforms.

We take the biblical command to gather together very, very seriously (Hebrews 10:24-25; 1 Timothy 4:13).  The decision to “not gather” is not an easy one by any stretch of imagination and it is a decision we have entered into with great trepidation, prayer, and wisdom-seeking. We believe that our “not gathering” has been a loving effort to “flatten the curve” and prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our church family and into our communities around us. We have taken no pleasure in our inability to gather.  As grateful as we are for technology and the ability to communicate via telephone, email, video calls, and so on, the fact is plain and simple: we long to see each other face to face!

As we approach the conversation of regathering together, the scientific data must be stressed that any social gathering in the absence of prior infection or effective vaccination carries the inherent risk of virus transmission.  Gathering together as a church corporately, whatever the nature of the assembly, contains a set of risks.  No social activity is entirely “safe” in the face of a pandemic- shopping, visiting with neighbors and friends, and eating in restaurants all carry risks.

That being said, we believe that the scientific data favors the notion that, compared to gathering indoors, the risk of gathering outdoors greatly mitigates the chance of contracting COVID-19.  To better understand some of the science behind these claims, please see this post using the following link:

We believe there is far less risk in contracting COVID-19 while gathering corporately outdoors if we practice social-distancing and healthy hygiene.  It should be stated strongly that individuals who join our gatherings will be expected to conduct themselves and their children in a manner that complies with social distancing guidelines encouraged by the CDC and other public health authorities.  

That being said, it should also be stated strongly- those whose conscious’ before God dictates that they do not wish to incur the risk of infection or spread of the disease by joining our corporate outdoor gathering should be discouraged from doing so and encouraged to stay home and join our gathering virtually (where possible).

Regathering Phases

As opposed to a strict timeline, we prefer to use the term “phases” so that we may remain flexible in the midst of this pandemic. 

It should be clear up front that returning to church gatherings will not be “going back to normal.”  We hope that by extending our early phase plans we may appropriately temper expectations.  We anticipate that it will take an extended period of time to return to some of our church activities together.  Many aspects of life may return, and many of the activities that we did before as a church family before the pandemic will return eventually.  However, we also recognize that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will powerfully reverberate into the future. It is difficult to discern exactly when the transition from one phase to another will occur.  It is possible that some of our ministries and activities may disappear or be transformed entirely, and it is also possible that new ones may emerge.  We remain confident that whatever is God’s way, He will work all of this for the good of His people.  We are making it our aim to please Him in all things.

We would caution that believers in Jesus have very differing opinions with how to proceed at this point in time.  In light of these differences, let us be full of grace and charitable towards one another and unify our lives around the gospel of Christ.  “By this all will know that you are my disciples, by how you love one another.”

Finally, it must be stressed yet again that ultimately you must decide for yourselves if you feel it unsafe or unwise to join in corporate gatherings.  Caution must not be equated with fear, and you should not be ashamed if you choose to abstain from our physical gatherings.  Our desire is to take great care to not alienate those who are more vulnerable, in particular.  

Though it may not involve physical presence at this particular time, we would encourage you to make a diligent effort to remain in community appropriate with the times with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  If we are to “socially distance,” let us take great care to not “spiritually distance” ourselves from each other and our Lord.

At this time we bring before you the first two phases of our in-person gatherings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic:


  • All church activities are conducted using internet platforms such as ZOOM, Facebook, and YouTube.

  • Activities include (but are not limited to) sermons, Bible studies, devotionals, resource recommendations, fellowships, and prayer groups


  • A 1 hour long worship service returns on Sunday mornings at 10:15 AM that will last no longer than 11:15 AM.  Our intention is for this service to begin weekly starting on Sunday May 31, 2020 at 10:15 AM.

  • The Sunday morning service may be cancelled if there is inclimate or poor weather conditions.  We will give as much reasonable notice as is possible to cancellations using text, email, the church website, Facebook, and YouTube.  If you want to sign up for alerts, please contact Associate Pastor Matt.  Sermons will be available online at some point in time afterwards.

  • All individuals who are sick for any reason or have had known recent exposure to others with COVID-19 infection should not attend services for at least two weeks after symptoms resolve or the date of the exposure.

  • The service will be held outside in the parking lot and grass field area located on the west side of our property at 1225 Hagemann Avenue.

  • The sermon will be recorded and posted online at a later time regardless of conditions. Live-streaming may become a possibility at a later time in the future, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it due to technical limitations at this time.  We will keep you updated on its availability.

  • It must be stressed that individuals who attend will be expected to conduct themselves and their children in a manner that complies with social distancing guidelines encouraged by the CDC and other public health authorities.

  • When you arrive at the church’s property, you will be directed where to park on the east side of the lot.  A significant number of spots on the west side of the parking lot will be set apart for individuals/groups wishing to sit in a parking spot with chairs and/or blankets.  Groups who wish to remain in their cars will be instructed to park in a location that is visible and closer to the picnic pavilion area .

  • The preaching/singing/prayers will be conducted from the roofed picnic table area using a speaker system.

  • Families and/or household units will be encouraged to remain together and sit within the bounds of the yellow lines in a parking spot.  Weather permitting, individuals may also be allowed to sit in the grassy area.  Chalk will numerically mark all of the parking spots that will be available.  There will be an empty parking spot between each unit to help encourage healthy social distancing. Sections that are available in the grassy area (if it is available) will be marked off with a flag. 

  • A line of cones will separate the parking spots on the west side that will be available for sitting and parking spots on the east for vehicles to be parked.  Chairs will not be provided, but individuals are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs and/or blankets.  Individuals will be in key locations to guide you to a safe sitting area when you arrive at the church’s property.  We will provide more details to help you understand the process in the near future.

  • Individuals are encouraged to bring their own masks, gloves, and/or hand sanitizer.  Individuals may also bring their own beverages.  The church will not provide these resources.  Everyone attending services outside of their vehicles will be encouraged (though not mandatorily required) to wear their own masks or face coverings in compliance with CDC recommendations.  We also recommend that you consider bringing bug spray, personal fans, and giant umbrellas to help mitigate some of the risks and inconveniences that come with an hour long outdoor service.  Everyone is encouraged to practice safe social-distancing.  

  • For safety purposes the building will remain locked and closed.  Bathrooms will remain unavailable at this time.

  • There will be no bulletins available for pickup.  

  • Individuals who desire to stay in their vehicles can park in the lot and listen to the service from their vehicles. At this time we will not provide FM transmitter services, but there will be a sound speaker system.  Our goal is to keep the parking spots nearest to the pavilion on the going towards the garage and Hagemann Avenue available for those who would want to participate in corporate worship from their vehicles.

  • Individuals who want to sit in the parking lot (or grass area) will be encouraged to park on the east side of the parking lot closer to the entrance along Hagemann Avenue.

  • The children’s playground near the picnic area will be roped off and off limits.  Please help your children to understand the safety reasons behind this decision.

  • Online giving and mailing in checks will continue to remain as viable giving options.  Individuals will have the additional option of placing their donation in an offering box that will be temporarily located near the Garage entrance from the time before the service begins to shortly after it ends.  Envelopes will be provided.  Individuals are also encouraged to include prayer requests in the envelope if so desired.  You may also contact our pastors to let us know about any prayer needs you have.

  • During services in which Communion (the Lord’s Supper) is practiced, pre-packaged sealed containers which hold both the bread and juice will be distributed to each group as they arrive at the church property located at 1225 Hagemann Avenue.  Each vehicle will be stopped before pulling into the parking lot and asked how many packages they would require for communion (1 per individual). Individuals distributing the sealed contents will wear a mask and gloves.  Each individual package will be placed on a tray and offered to the individuals in that vehicle.  The use of the tray will minimize the potential for hand to hand contact and encourage social distancing.  It is also an easily wiped down surface.  Great care will be made to ensure that the contents have not been tampered with before use.

  • We encourage groups to exit in an orderly fashion and to be sensitive to others as they return to their vehicles.

We love you church family and hope that these phases will honor God and serve in the advancement of His kingdom purposes.  We ask for your kindness as we graciously implement them.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  We also encourage you to contact us if you have any prayer needs.

Prayerfully yours,

The Pastors and Deacons of Burlington Baptist Church

Financial giving options (march 24, 2020)

tuesday, March 17, 2020


1) We now have a blog (see sections above) that we will update with teaching and encouragement

2) We now have a YouTube Channel!  Type in "Burlington Baptist Church" while searching or follow this link. Like and subscribe if you want :)

3) Sermons will be posted every Sunday morning by 10 AM. 

a call to fast (march 19, 2020)

Greetings Burlington Baptist family,


Fasting is a spiritual discipline that we see practiced throughout the scriptures.  Fasting and mourning was a common practice that involved repentance, lamentation, and seeking God’s face for wisdom and guidance in both the Old and New Testaments.  Fasting at its core is us saying to God, “Help us to want You and Your kingdom more than we want what we are giving up right now.”  Usually fasting involves not eating food or certain foods/drinks for a certain period of time, but it can avoid abstaining from other things as well (sports/video/board games, screen time, etc.).  When our stomachs long for food, we can be reminded to long for things greater than food.


Jesus seems to presume in Matthew 6:16 that believers will fast at various points in their lifetimes (“When you fast,” not “If you fast”).  Jesus Himself fasted for 40 days in the wilderness, echoing Moses’ fast on Mount Sinai in Exodus 34:28.  Matthew 6 implies that there are times that believers will fast privately without others knowing about it (we don’t fast to broadcast ourselves and say “Hey look at how spiritually mature I am!”). Acts 13 implies that there are times where the church may fast together as one body to seek God’s face together (after this fast the Holy Spirit made clear that they were to send Barnabas and Saul aka Paul).  The bottom line is that we see examples of private and public (corporate) fasting in both testaments.


There are various reasons for fasting.  Isaiah 58 shows us that God wants us to fast so that we can humble ourselves to see how unlike God we are, to recognize where we are being unjust and unholy and repent.  Isaiah 58:3 shows us that we shouldn’t just presume that God is pleased with all fasting especially when we ignore injustice and sin in our lives- He is pleased with the right desires and motives for our fasting and our willingness to change.  Some other reasons for fasting, of which there are many, can be found in this article:


If you want a more extensive study to understand why and how we should fast, I encourage you download this free book from John Piper:


We believe that the Holy Spirit is guiding our church to a corporate season of fasting.  We give thanks to God for giving Pam Adams the desire to fast during this season, and she has spurred us towards this resolve (you can see her post on Facebook for more info).  Interestingly enough, we are currently in what is known as the season of Lent in the “church calendar” that various Christian traditions follow around the world. This season of Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter, is a time of fasting and mourning leading up to the joy of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.  As we fast we mourn and grieve sin, and we also train our hearts to long for what God wants. We long to be sinless and holy like Him. We long for His perfect justice everywhere. We long to be with Jesus right now.


We are encouraging you to join us in fasting the next 3 Sundays: March 22, March 29, and April 5.  If Sunday doesn’t work for you, you are certainly welcome to fast on another day.  We recognize that everyone may be unable to fast from food for health reasons, but we would encourage you to give up something that you enjoy and replace that time with additional prayer and scripture reading.  We will leave it to you, the individual, to decide if you should fast for one meal or for a 24 hour period. If you have never fasted before, we do encourage that you make sure to stay adequately hydrated.


Some things you can pray for include but are certainly not limited to:


  • The salvation of the lost & evangelism to increase


  • Renewed zeal for healthy spiritual rhythms and revival in the church


  • God to raise up more missionaries (Luke 10:2 “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”)


  • A cure for COVID-19


  • Adequate resources to treat the sick and for their healing


  • Pray that believers who contract the illness can glorify God in their sickness, even if it leads to their death. (“To live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21)


  • For our health care providers and workers at all levels and of all kinds (from Doctors to Nurses to EMTs and so on)


  • For our government officials and policy makers at all levels (May our gratitude and appreciation for them increase along with compassion towards them as they make difficult decisions. May they pursue what is good and just.)


  • For families to be strengthened during this time


  • For the unity of the church worldwide


  • For the persecuted church


  • For those who do not have adequate access to healthcare


  • For those who are poor


  • For those who are losing jobs and/or income


  • For church leaders


  • For our new schedules to adjust to gospel-centered priorities. For when regular rhythms of life return that our schedules would also reflect gospel-centered priorities (Ephesians 5:15-16).


  • For courage and for us to cast our fears and anxieties on the Lord, knowing that He cares for us and will provide what is good for us (Psalm 84:11-12)


  • That the faith of the church would grow


  • That we would be more compassionately aware of the needs in our community and around the world and strive to meet them as God leads and enables us


  • That God would deepen our love for the church, particularly for the fellowship of believers


  • That we would be able to meet together soon and long all the more to gather in worshipping God together as the Day of His return approaches


  • That the church would exercise the “priesthood of the believer” in caring, praying for, supporting, and encouraging and challenging one another


  • That Jesus would return and make all things news. Maranatha!


Yours in Him,


The Pastors of Burlington Baptist Church

Sunday, march 15, 2020

Greetings Burlington Baptist family,

As you are likely aware, COVID-19 is continuing to spread throughout the United States.  The spread of this virus within the United States is in its early stages and will likely worsen according to most public health officials. 

Our desire as God’s people is always to glorify Him in all things.  This includes “loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.” We believe that this love demands that we take steps and precautions to love our neighbor in response to COVID-19.  Preliminary steps have been taken. We wish to immediately implement further actions for the Church as follows:

  • All public meetings including services will be cancelled for at least the next four weeks. This includes all Sunday activities (CIA, Sunday School, Worship Services, etc.), Wednesday night activities (AWANA, Youth, Small Groups), and all Bible studies and Small Groups. All regularly scheduled activities and special events will be cancelled.  

  • As the COVID-19 pandemic develops, we will continue to keep you informed about future activities and events for Easter Sunday (4/12/20) and beyond.

  • Monetary giving may be accomplished by sending checks to the church’s physical address. We are currently working on an online giving solution and will update you if and when it becomes available.

  • Our Pastors will shepherd the flock remotely to the best of their abilities.  We will continue to keep you informed about how we will provide teaching and encouragement.  We are also exploring avenues to help keep the church connected to one another during this time of social distancing.  Remember- you do not just go to church, you ARE the church. 

  • As you are able, talk to your family, co-workers, and friends about COVID-19 and the gospel.  This pandemic is an opportunity to tell and remind others of the hope and love we have in the gospel.  We as God’s people have nothing to fear. Children especially may need help understanding why we take these precautions as an act of faith, not a result of fear.  Let us cultivate not a culture of fear nor of skepticism, but rather a wise, loving, thoughtful and “others” minded culture.

  • Extend Christ-like patience, grace (“love believes all things”), and understanding. Opinions over COVID-19 widely vary.  Now is not the time for mocking the fears of others or showing indifference to concerns.  Now is not the time for political posturing. Now is a time to lovingly, in gospel humility, lay aside our preferences for the sake of the good of others.  Our desire to be careful in these matters and prevent the spread of COVID-19 is an act of gospel compassion. By implementing these measures, we show love for Christ, for one another, and for the world around us.  

Jesus remains on His throne reigning as King.  Let us remain prayerful and diligent in our certain faith during these uncertain times.

Affectionately Yours,

The Pastors and Deacons of Burlington Baptist Church